Customer Service Representative Finalists Head to New Orleans

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Technicians may often be a face for Safelite, but customer service representatives are also at the heart of our organization providing great support to our customers over the phone. Nine CSRs are advancing to New Orleans for their own segment of the Safelite Best of Belron competition. The three divisions are Field, Referral and Sales Central.

The CSR finalists are:

  • Aaron Alexander, Columbus, Ohio
  • Yabrae Buggs, Tallahassee, Fla.
  • Thomas Haas, Columbus, Ohio
  • Phyllis Holderness, Columbus, Ohio
  • Mandy Kerley, St. Louis, Minn.
  • Angie Miller, Columbus, Ohio
  • Wendy Powers, Columbus, Ohio
  • Christina Trueba, Columbia, S.C.
  • Lana Whittridge, Columbus, Ohio

Learn a little bit about the three Sales Central competitors below.

Aaron Alexander
Sales CSR
Five years’ experience
Columbus, OH

“Aaron is just so good at what he does because he holds himself accountable,” said Brad Polinko, Aaron Alexander’s job coach. “He consistently looks for ways to improve his performance.”

Alexander said the best part of his job is when he finishes a call with a customer and they say, ‘You really helped me out today.’ He always responds with, “I’m just doing my job.”

Alexander has a degree in psychology from the Ohio State University and plans to return for his master’s degree in the near future.

Thomas Haas
Sales CSR
Four years’ experience
Columbus, OH

Thomas Haas sits under the same job coach as fellow competitor Wendy Powers: Carl Williams, who is proud of his team.

“When you have good people, you can expect good results,” Williams said. “I feel blessed to have both Thomas and Wendy on my team.”

Williams said the race between them will be tight but he did predict one thing, “One of them will win and the other one will be the runner up.”

When this CSR isn’t helping customers over the phone, he enjoys downhill skiing, water skiing, horseback riding and riding snowmobiles.

Wendy Powers
Sales CSR
Four years’ experience

Columbus, OH

Wendy Powers has made customer service a career. Before joining Safelite in 2008, Powers held a similar position in the travel industry.

“I knew I wanted to stay in the same field,” she said. “I love the daily interactions with people all across the country. I love the personal contact you get from helping people.”

Powers recognizes her job is demanding, but, she said, it is very rewarding.

“Some days I’ll take 70-some calls,” she said. “But I know I helped people when I leave at the end of the day.”

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