Field Services Representatives Face Off for National Title

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

At the end of next Wednesday, one of these Safelite field services representatives will walk away from the Safelite Best of Belron competition with a $2,500 prize. The reps will be scored in areas related to attention to detail and customer delight in their jobs.

Meet the three field services reps below:

Yabrae Buggs

Services Representative
14 years’ experience
Tallahassee, Fla.
Services representative Yabrae Buggs has a pretty good idea of how she advanced to Safelite’s Best of Belron final competition.

“I truly treat each and every customer the same I do the people who are closest to me – my family,” she said.

Buggs admits she is slightly overwhelmed by the competition but is excited to go.

“It’s been my heart’s desire to go to New Orleans for a long time,” she said. “I couldn’t have picked a better place for this competition to be held. I’ve wanted to go there especially since Katrina. I want to see how they’ve rebuilt the area.”

Amanda Kerley
Services Representative
Nine years’ experience
St. Louis

Amanda Kerley is carrying on the family tradition of competing in Safelite’s Best of Belron.

While this is her first trip to the national competition, her husband Steve Kerley, a Safelite technician, received an honorable mention in the 2009 Midwest divisional competition.

“It’s great to have his support through this,” Amanda said. “Steve’s been through the process before so he knows how much pressure it is.”

Steve will join her in New Orleans, but Amanda recognizes the prestige and expectations at this stage.

“The division competition was a lot of pressure for Steve and I know the national competition is even bigger, so it’s going to be exciting,” she said.

Christina Trueba
Services Representative
Nine years’ experience
Columbia, S.C.

Christina Trueba’s adult life has been shaped by her career at Safelite®.

Trueba started with Safelite® in her hometown of Seattle in 2003 when she was not yet 20. It was there she met her now-fiancé Mike Busby, who was a technician at the shop, and together they moved across the country to South Carolina.

“It’s been a crazy couple of months but it’s been fun,” she said.

Trueba also works as a dispatcher for the warehouse in Columbia. When they announced the final competitors, she was on the phones.

“Everyone was standing in the room waiting to hear who won but I was on the phone,” she said. “They started yelling, ‘You won! You won!’ and I was like, ‘You guys! I’m on the phone!’”

Trueba said she was excited because she knew it was a long shot.

“This part of the competition is so broad, being that it’s all across the country. I didn’t know I would make it.”

  1. […] The final set of three customer service representatives who will make an appearance at Safelite’s Best of Belron national competition work in the referral division within the company. As the profiles below demonstrate, a common theme with all of these CSR competitors seems to be genuine enjoyment talking to our customers from all over the country and going above and beyond to delight. Good luck on Wednesday to all of our customer service representatives, including the sales central and field services representative divisions!  […]

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